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Grow Trunk suggestions

We get a lot of questions on how to use our Grow Trunks or how to install and maintain them.  I thought a good idea for the first post here might be to put in our suggestions sheet.  See what you think:


Thank you for getting in on the Grow Trunk movement!  Your plants are going to love Grow Trunks!  Here are some general tips on setting up and maintenance.

Start out by making sure the moss in your new Grow Trunk is damp.  Moss is very hydrophobic when it is dry, so it is good to get it moist before install.  Give it a good spray with a spray bottle, let stand for 5 minutes.

Dry fit your Grow Trunk into the empty planter you plan to use.  It is very important to repot your plant and install the Grow Trunk.  Grow Trunks are not made to sit on the surface of your soil.  This would not help support your plant and may lead to excess watering of your plant causing root issues.  Place the Grow Trunk in the planter laying on its side, position your plant like you want it in the planter on the Grow Trunk.  Using a thin piece of wire pin the plant to the grow trunk so that it stays in place.  Take the plant and the grow trunk out of the planter and fill the bottom end of the grow trunk (I’ve left space for this) with your soil mix.  Place the Grow Trunk back in your planter, hold the Grow Trunk against the side of the container and fill your planter with your soil.  Make sure no roots from the plant get under the Grow Trunk, they could get damaged.  Once you fill the planter with soil you are ready to water your soil!

Continue watering the soil in the pot regularly until the aerial roots of your plant get inside the Grow Trunk and then you can stop, or lessen, watering the soil and water through the Grow Trunk.  Keep the Grow Trunk moist!  The best way to make sure is to give the Grow Trunk a good squeeze and if it’s crunchy, it’s time to water it!  The Grow Trunk will keep your plant hydrated mostly through the aerial roots, but some moisture will also leach into your soil when you water through the Grow Trunk.  You can water the soil if you think your plant is getting too dry, but you really shouldn’t have this issue!

I find the best way to water my Grow Trunks is to take an old water bottle (I’ve included one with your purchase) and put a few holes in the lid, fill it with water and tip it upside down on the top of your Grow Trunk.  The water should trickle out slowly and hydrate your trunk.  You can also place a small plastic cup on top with small pin holes and add water that way, probably more regularly, like once a day.

I personally hydrate my Grow Trunks twice per week, but you will find your own schedule!  Just really work at keeping it moist!

It’s good to add fertilizer regularly to your water when moistening the Grow Trunk.  This will feed into your plants through the aerial roots that you’ve now turned into water and nutrient gatherers!

You might, in time, see some algae growing on the sphagnum moss of your Grow Trunk.  This is natural and doesn’t affect the plants at all!  If you want to lessen it, I suggest adding Physan 20 to your water before watering your Grow Trunk.  This kills algae and any bacteria that are present in the sphagnum moss!

Thank you again for your purchase.  I think you’ll find, like I have, the Grow Trunks are a real gamechanger!  Let me know if you have ANY questions!

Phil and Crystal

The Gathering Moss Team!

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