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Gathering Moss

Gathering Moss Grow Trunk 3" Wide

Gathering Moss Grow Trunk 3" Wide

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Quick Facts:

-3 Lengths, 12", 24" and 36"

-Pre-filled with high quality sphagnum moss!

-No assembly required!

-See through backing for root visibility


Presenting the Gathering Moss Grow Trunk! The Grow Trunk is so much more than the typical moss pole. The Grow Trunk Root Window Edition is constructed to be a strong, sturdy support for your plant while also being a conduit for your plants aerial roots to plug into for moisture and nutrients! Install the Grow Trunk in your planter with your plant attached and watch your plant grow! Keep the Grow Trunk Root Window Edition moist with water and fertilizer and your plant will bury its aerial roots into the generous amount of sphagnum moss behind the wire mesh. Along with feeding and watering your plant this also help in the future with propagation as you will no longer need to waste time with messy air layering!

The Grow Trunk features transparent vinyl backing so you can keep an eye on those wonderful aerial roots as they grow and fill the sphagnum moss chamber!

We build the Grow Trunks in 3 standard sizes 12", 24" and 36" and they are stackable!

The Grow Trunk is meant to be installed sitting at the bottom of your planter with your favorite soil mix piled in around it. This makes it extra stable unlike most moss or coir poles with a stake that just sit on the top of the soil with no extra support. While all coir poles and most moss poles are meant to be used as a support for your plant only, Grow Trunks are made to aid in the delivery of moisture and nutrients directly where the plant needs it, meaning it doesn't need to be brought up from the soil roots to the upper parts of the plants! The deep moss chamber on a Grow Trunk gives the plant all the support your plant needs as well!

Grow Trunks are handcrafted for each individual order. There is no mass production of these guys! My wife and I make them in our living room according to your order. Grow Trunks come to you completely assembled and filled with high quality sphagnum moss. All you have to do is install it in your planter, attach the plant, add your soil and you are done!

Thanks for taking a look and if we can answer any questions just let us know!

We thank you now, your plants will thank you later!

Need help with installation or how to water your Grow Trunk? Check out our YouTube channel! Gathering Moss - YouTube

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

These are better than the self made moss poles I made. The wire allows for a better chance the nodes will line up with an opening than with the full plastic versions out there.

Great product

These grow trunks are not only sturdy, they hold there moisture longer than a traditional pole. It's easy to add nutrients to the water going to the trunk. I already have about 10 and I'm ordering more!

Cynthia Handy
Great Moss Pole!

This is my favorite miss pole I’ve ever used.


Arrived quickly and made perfectly!


Plants are loving it.