Collection: Scindapsus

Scindapsus, also known as devil's ivy, Epipremnum or pothos, is a tropical climbing plant popular for indoor cultivation. Here's a brief overview:

- Appearance: Glossy green heart-shaped or elongated leaves, sometimes variegated.
- Growth Habit: Climber with aerial roots, suitable for hanging baskets or trailing.
- Size: Varies from compact to trailing, moderate to fast growth.
- Light: Prefers bright, indirect light but tolerates lower light conditions.
- Watering: Keep soil slightly moist, allowing the top inch to dry out between waterings.
- Temperature/Humidity: Thrives in warm, humid environments, tolerates average indoor         temperatures.
- Propagation: Easily propagated from stem cuttings in water or moist soil.
- Maintenance: Low-maintenance, occasional pruning promotes bushier growth.

Overall, Scindapsus is an adaptable and attractive plant, perfect for adding greenery to indoor spaces with minimal care.