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Gathering Moss

Gathering Moss Chunky Max Mix Made with Tree Fern Fiber!

Gathering Moss Chunky Max Mix Made with Tree Fern Fiber!

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Introducing Chunky Max Potting Blend, the perfect mix for your house plants. Made with high-quality ingredients like coco coir chips, tree fern fiber (finely ground to eliminate annoying clumps and long strands), perlite, pumice, volcanic soil, and horticultural charcoal, this potting blend provides optimal nutrition and drainage for healthy and thriving plants in any environment. Say hello to happy, green house plants with Chunky Max Potting Blend.

If you love Phil Dirt but long for a little extra chunk with your potting blend, Chucky Max (named for our 23 lbs wide body cat, Max) is calling your name!  Chunky Max is made with all the same ingredients as Phil Dirt but we have added a heaping helping of coco coir chips to aerate the mix to the MAX!  Your plants will love it!

Discover the perfect soil mix solution with our versatile bag sizes:
Small: Ideal for 2 4" pots.
Medium: Perfect for 4 4" pots or 1 6" pot.
Large: Ample supply for 10 4" pots or 4 6" pots.

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Customer Reviews

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I’ve only used this in my philodendron. It’s too soon to tell. It constantly has yellow leaves despite watering patterns and light. No bugs on it. I’m hoping this keeps it happy.


This stuff is great! I repotted a thai constellation in this and I could see new roots forming within days. The roots are large, white and fuzzy. I love that it has tree fern fiber in it. I will be buying more very soon!